Friday, January 28, 2011

Ticket Pre-sale Ends Soon!

Photo from 2010 Mike Van Vliet (returning to perform this year!)
Pre-sale tickets for Laughing for Life end on Thursday February 3rd at midnight and tickets at the door will be $5 more expensive, so save some money and get your tickets now!  You will still be able to purchase general admission at the door, the price will be $25 and we do not take credit cards for this event so please bring cash.

Now is the time to start texting your friends and posting updates on your facebook page, the event is just ONE WEEK AWAY:)!!!

Speaking of which, join us on Facebook, or Follow us on Twitter, hell, we even still use Myspace!

Check out some videos from comedians scheduled for this year's event!

Also, here is a video of 

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