Sunday, January 30, 2011

Comedian Travels from Tennessee Mountains to Perform at Laughing for Life

Jason Smith aka Grady Ray
By day Jason Smith is a Police Officer in Eastern Tennessee, but by night and on some weekends including Friday Feb 4th, he is Grady Ray, a professor of life and a stand-up comedian. 

When asked how excited he was to be performing at this year's Laughing for Life, Grady said, "I am more excited than when I was as a child when my cat 'spider' pulled down the left side of a tube top that was on this skinny hippie chick my uncle was dating. When that left one came out i experienced a warmth and joy that can only be matched by performing in this show."

Since some comedians are coming in from out of town and Grady has the longest drive we asked him when he planned to get in to Wilmington.
"I'm probably going to get there Thursday evening then I'm gonna eat the Hell out of a Sand Piper Sub and go to the Nutt Street open-mic with (John) Mcqueen and after the show Friday I'm going to get pissed up drunk and sleep on my floor at the Days Inn as a lady of the evening is stealing my last WIC check from my velcro wallet. I will repeat the same Saturday."

We also asked Grady what other comedian(s) he was excited to see.
"Mcqueen he's like a pocket size rock star. I just want to put him in the pocket of members only jacket and pull him out when shit gets troublesome. He’s a great comedian but a shitty call of duty black ops player. I own his noobtube camping ass…you hear that Mcqueen on Call of Duty you have weak sauce!!! Your sauce is so weak they wouldn’t make prison spaghetti with it!!!!! But seriously Mcqueen, Shaheen, Bishop, Allred and Shaw…"

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