Thursday, January 27, 2011

Saturday Night RESERVE SEATS SOLD OUT only 2 Remain for Friday!

Folks, you have until Thursday Feb 3rd to purchase your tickets for Laughing for Life online.  Pre-sale ends at midnight on Thursday February 3rd.  If you don't get your tickets before then we recommend you show up at Level 5 as early as 6pm to purchase a wrist band.  All wrist bands sold at the event will be $25 each, which is $5 more then the current presale price (General Admission).

Two Reserve Seats Still Available for Friday Night!
Friday Night of Laughing for Life still has two floor or 'reserve' seats available.  Floor seats for Saturday nights show are SOLD OUT!  General admission tickets are still available for both nights.

We would also like to address a reoccurring question.  There will be NO PG NIGHT at Laughing for Life this year. Comedians will be performing adult material mixed with material that is more for general audiences, however, we do not advise you bring children or those that you would not would to hear stuff that you likely would here on HBO or Comedy Central late at night, ya dig?  We don't want people walking out mid-show "I can't believe they say the F word so much!!"   Cool?   Get ready for some awesome comics!

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